According to a report from TMZ, Zac Efron "mysteriously" ended up in downtown Los Angeles after midnight on Sunday. And while mysteriously cruising the streets of Skid Row with his bodyguard, poor, beautiful Efron was "cold clocked" in the mouth while trying to defend his bodyguard against an attacking group of "transients."

What was he doing in downtown Los Angeles after midnight on a Sunday? I think we all know the answer to that question:

He told them they had run out of gas and were sitting in the car. Zac said while waiting for a tow truck they threw a bottle out the window — he never said what was in the bottle — and it smashed on the pavement near a group of transients.

Efron, just sitting on the streets of Skid Row late at night without gas, throwing bottles out the window, like any other normal person in Los Angeles. It's happened to all of us. Sure, he went to rehab twice last year for a serious cocaine problem, and yes, he broke his jaw in November after "hitting his chin on a fountain," but those issues have nothing to do with the fact that maybe he just ran out of gas and was beaten up by a group of men in an area known for its lack of gas stations (and abundance of drug dealers). Talk about awkward moments!

TMZ reports that an "obviously intoxicated" Efron claims it was "the hardest I've ever been hit in my life."
 But don't worry, no one was arrested in the incident because law enforcement viewed it as "mutual combat."

Update: Efron's bodyguard, who has a criminal record for drugs and violence, told TMZ that the "transients" came after him with "a spear" and stabbed him in the face, stomach, and chest. He claims Efron "saved his life" by swinging a vodka bottle at the alleged attackers.

He also said the two men were not cruising Skid Row, but were instead headed to a restaurant in Little Tokyo at 12:30am when they "suddenly" ran out of gas and rolled to a stop at the bottom of an off-ramp. It's under the off-ramp where they supposedly encountered the band of spear-wielding transients.

[Image via AP]