It's hard to say what Yahoo! is, exactly: your grandma's favorite search engine (!)? a convenient place to set up your fantasy baseball league (!)? just a sneaky means of getting us to look at more ads (!)? The company we don't understand now wants to add one more item to the list of things it may or may not be: a Netflix competitor (!).

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! is on the brink of ordering four new web series. The series won't be the same as the company's standalone shorts on everything from style to sports to whatever the hell it is that Katie Couric is doing. We're talking 10-episode runs of half-hour shows, each of which is reportedly budgeted from "$700,000 to a few million dollars."

So we finally know what Yahoo! wants to be, maybe! It's the new Netflix. And Amazon Prime. And Hulu. And YouTube? And, apparently, Xbox. (Which is currently beating Yahoo! in the unexpected-show-streaming game: Microsoft has ordered six shows for the Xbox One, including a sketch series featuring Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera.)

What kinds of shows will you be able to watch on Yahoo!, everyone's favorite internet...thing? Two and a Half Ladies? That 90s Show? ("Like" if you're a 90s kid and remember using Yahoo!) Friends 2: Friend Harder? I, for one, can't wait.

[Image via AP]