In Los Angeles, accidentally working out near movie stars is considered especially common. Today, my friend exercised next to Shia LaBeouf, who was wearing jeans, for an hour. This is her story.

If you're wondering whether this story contains a bit about Shia LaBeouf staring uncomfortably at my friend, I'll just go ahead and let you know that the answer is "yes."

So I was at Ultra Body Fitness in Hollywood, a gym just for personal trainers, when I saw him. My trainer has told me he comes in but I hadn't seen him before. A lot of celebs use the gym, I often see Rebel Wilson and Terrance Howard there.

When I walked in, I saw him at a weights machine. He had a full beard, was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and these sock-like grey hi-top sneakers. I've never seen anyone in the gym wearing jeans before so that was weird.

As I passed him I overheard him venting about some "bougie bitch" to his trainer, who was mostly listening and not responding. Then I started doing circuit training and he ended up doing the same right next to me. He was doing bench presses and swearing but I couldn't make out what about because I was in my zone and not thinking about that.

He didn't seem very focused on fitness, as he kept getting up and pacing and talking to his trainer. For a good 2 minutes he just stared at me while I was doing lunges in his direction which made me feel really uncomfortable. He didn't seem crazy or anything. He just seemed eccentric.

It was at 11 am if that matters.

Los Angeles is a magical wonderland (?).

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