Details surrounding Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber's Ibiza fight continue to seep out—slowly, allowing us time to savor each new bite—and today's involves Leonardo DiCaprio "flicking" a fight-hungry Bieber away from Bloom's table.

The story, which eye witness and Spanish model Anastasia Skolkova told The Mirror, begins when Justin Bieber approached Bloom and DiCaprio's table, where they were seated with "a lot of friends." Bieber reportedly said something, rumored to be about Miranda Kerr, to the table:

"I don't know exactly what [he said], because it was seven or eight metres away. Leo brushed his hands at him, like, I don't care what you say. Yeah, he flicked him away."

Skolkova goes on to say that post-flick "Bieber got angry." But he wasn't the only one who was angry—he wasn't even the one who got the most angry! She continues, "Orlando got very, very angry":

"When Bieber walked maybe 10 metres away, Orlando maybe had half a minute to think about what he was going to do," continues Ana. "He got up and started running. Then he jumped over the sofa."

And the rest is Ibiza fight history.

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