Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Gibson defender and America's foremost differentiator between "rape" and "rape-rape," sees no problem with yesterday's racist "watermelon toothpaste" cartoon in the Boston Herald. After all, she uses watermelon toothpaste!

On today's episode of The View, Whoopi and the rest of the ladies discussed the cartoon, which depicts a man taking a shower in Barack Obama's bathroom, asking, in an outrageous display of shoehorned racism, if he "tried the new watermelon toothpaste." Goldberg stated she believes the cartoonist's lazy defense—that he "wasn't thinking of the racial element," and, you know, just "really likes watermelon."

"Here's what I will tell you," she said, "I use this toothpaste and there is a watermelon toothpaste." Hmmm. Case closed! (They have on hand watermelon toothpaste made by Colgate. It is for children.)

Rosie Perez, echoing everyone at home, didn't agree, saying, "It never occurred to him? Come on. I just don't buy this, I'm sorry."

Their discussion does raise a lot of important questions. Is there a watermelon? Does the existence of watermelons discount the racist implications found in the watermelon trope? Why does Whoopi Goldberg use children's toothpaste? What is wrong with Whoopi Goldberg?

[h/t Mediaite]