The Oscars never forgets to honor its dead with an outsize, syrupy montage embedded somewhere in the last half of the broadcast when most of the audience is drunk or sleeping. This year there were many personalities to be remembered: Robin Williams, Mike Nichols, a few marketing directors that were likely important in some way, and for some reason Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

But where the hell was Joan Rivers? Joan Rivers was the Oscars. Her pre-show and post-show was instrumental in making the entire charade the big-ass hullabaloo it is today. She's the reason we have to listen to Giuliana Rancic babble on for five hours before the broadcast starts, the reason we have weeks of chatter about celebrity Oscar fashion, the reason celebrities shave their face skin to look better in front of the cameras. That is her legacy. What a woman.

Of course, Joan was also a fearless comedienne, an incomparable personality, and an all-around Hollywood mainstay. So why did the Oscars snub her in their day-of-the-dead montage? Classless.