Hard to believe it, but it's true: movie star Cameron Diaz has been married to Joel Madden's brother Benji Madden for almost two months. Time will tell if these two crazy kids are meant to live and love together for the rest of their natural lives, but Benji's confident—he has forever altered his chest with the beautiful scripted name in ink you see above.

Benji shared the up-close look at his new ~`*~~Cameron~~*`~ tattoo and old (?) gold tooth on Instagram today with this caption: "Thinking bout you <3 <3 <3 #LuckyMan."

Lucky, indeed. Lucky in the sense that Benji already has so many tattoos, covering up one name six to nine months from now will be relatively easy. Just paint over it with something else you like, my friend. That "C" right there looks like a lima bean—why not turn it into the start of a darling garden? Or how about those squiggles at the end? You could fill those in all blue and white, like waves crashing on the beach of the vacation destination you should definitely hole up in for a few weeks when this all falls apart. Even that little "e" in the middle looks like a pretty lady's eyelashes—why not turn it into the face of the next gal you meet?

(Don't worry, man. You'll meet one.)

Have you ever modified your body in a way you later came to regret?

[Photo via Instagram]