CBS President and CEO Les Moonves, the man responsible for putting “The Big Bang Theory” inside your home where children can see it, is the highest-paid executive in television. He also recently refused to tip this parking valet because he only had large bills.

Last week Moonves, who made $67 million in 2013 (that’s about $40 million more than the CEO of Goldman Sachs), was filmed leaving the birthday party of his billionaire friend, the 92-year-old executive chairman of CBS and Viacom Sumner Redstone. On his way out, Moonves was briefly forced to interact with a non-millionaire, and was caught off guard.

When it was time to toss a few bucks to the person who had been standing next to expensive cars all night—the soft-spoken, courteous valet—Moonves realized he only had $100 bills in his wallet. Whoops!

“Shit,” swears Moonves in the video, “I only have hundred dollar bills.”

He looks at the valet. The valet looks at him. He keeps looking at the valet, apparently waiting for the valet to give Moonves permission not to tip him.

The valet mumbles some words of comfort (what sounds like, in a moment of pure grace, “Get it next time sir, no worries”) to the multi-multi-millionaire chief TV executive, and gently places a hand on his shoulder in support, as though he is sorry to have put Les Moonves in a situation where he almost had to give him $100.

“I’ll get you next time, cheers” nods Moonves, immediately stuffing the money back into his pocket.

Guess he’ll get him next time.

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