Two hundred and twenty-four apparently unretouched photos of self-styled Queen Bey Beyoncé were leaked on a website called The Beyoncé World this morning, sending shockwaves across the one inhabited by all of us. They come from commercial and ad shoots for L'Oréal's 2013 Feria and Infallible campaigns and should make you and Solange feel a little bit more secure about yourselves.

While The Beyoncé World deleted the trove of pics within about an hour, many of them remain on Twitter. Please take a deep breath...and then another one...and check one out below.

The Beyoncé World deleted the photos after receiving a negative response from the buzzing, insane Beyoncé fan army known as the Beyhive. The site owners posted this terrified missive explaining their decision:

Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos. We don't want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don't want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman.

Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible.

[Photo via Getty]