ALERT: We have received reports of a luxurious catastrophe on the set of Tyler Perry’s OWN soap opera If Loving You Is Wrong. “Approximately” 35 lobster tails are missing and nobody knows where they are. If you have any information—any at all—that could lead to the recovery of pounds upon pounds of succulent lobster meat, a newfound life of wealth could be yours.

The following email was allegedly sent out to those working on the show’s Atlanta set. It is a very serious email and not a drill.

Please, if you know the whereabouts of Tyler Perry’s 35 lobster tails, immediately notify Katrina in production as well as me, Jordan of Gawker Media. We both swear that we will keep your identity confidential. We will protect you at all costs.

Stealing frozen lobster tails is a serious crime and only the true culprits should be punished!

[email via Cool Freaks jpeg Facebook group / top image via Getty]

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