What do you do when tabloids report for months on end that you are dating 17-year-old Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner, and you have been photographed multiple times hanging out one-on-one in Europe and the continental U.S. with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, and then your ex-wife's friend Amber Rose goes on the radio to say yes, you are dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner?

Deny, deny, deny, if you are the 25-year-old rapper Tyga. He said on 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" this morning, "No, I'm not dating Kylie. I'm not dating that, so I just wanna get that out the way. I wanna be clear to everybody, I didn't leave my family to be with Kylie, you know what I mean? That's ridiculous." (Tyga has a two-year-old son with his ex-wife, Blac Chyna).

He also added that no one in law enforcement has contacted him about possibly committing statutory rape. "It wasn't weird to nobody in her family really," he explains. "I think [Kylie] is a beautiful young woman, and I think she's, you know, her maturity and mentality is different than a lot of people. You know, I hang out with her and her sister [19-year-old Kendall]. We've got a group of friends and we all hang out."

Here is a photo Kylie posted in December of one of those hangouts:

Kylie has not publicly addressed the controversy, but her sister Khloe Kardashian is defending her honor in a Twitter feud for the ages with Amber Rose. (Latest development: Amber claims O.J. Simpson is Khloe's real dad.)

[Photos via Instagram]