Tyga, who dates Kylie Jenner and also apparently raps, was scheduled to travel to Brazil for four shows this week, but the promoters behind the sold-out events claim Kylie made him pull out at the last minute.

The Daily Mail reports the promoters were told by Tyga’s management that he was canceling at the behest of the youngest Kardashian.

The Daily Mail also suggests, apparently based on some jokes from Brazilian social media, that Kylie may have called off the shows out of jealousy, not wanting Tyga to dump her for some fresh Brazilian hottie with a bigger ass.

In fact, it’s hard to be certain Kylie was even involved, because the promoters had a different explanation before they ever dragged her into it. The Daily Mail again:

According to reports in Brazil, Tyga is facing a $400,000 fine for breaching the contract.

The organizers, who will be refunding fans with tickets, say they had already paid his fees, transport, accommodation and production costs. The tour was set to also take him to Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Originally they had been told Tyga was unable to board a flight to Brazil because he did not have a work visa, according to reports.

Neither Tyga nor Kylie has responded to the cancelation or the commotion on Brazilian social media. He’s busy pushing his new music video, “$candal,” while she sells her app.

[Photo: Getty Images]