Kelly Oxford used to be known for being a Canadian housewife whose Twitter feed you couldn't turn away from. In three years she amassed over half a million dedicated followers. Celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Olivia Wilde RT'd her en masse. Then came the script deals. Followed by the movie. And after that, the book deal.

As it turns out, the joke reservoir is starting to dry up. A quick glance at her FavStar—an aggregator of popular tweets—reveals that on numerous occasions, Oxford has plagiarized tweets. Her own.

Exhibit A: Evolution

September 2010:

July 2013:

Exhibit B: Guitars, Acoustic

March 2011:

August 2013:

Exhibit C: Jesus

July 2011:


Exhibit D: Cancer

April 2011:

January 2013:

Exhibit Jesus Christ This is Still Going On, Oh Sorry Exhibit E: Tampons

March 2012:

April 2013:

July 2013:

Exhibit F: Mexicans

August 2011:

May 2012:

Exhibit G: Grammar

December 2011:

July 2013:

At some point, Oxford decided to at least try to switch it up a bit: she swapped out one show title for the other, or you know, interchangeable Eastern continents.

Exhibit H: Canadians

March 2012:

October 2012, a mere 5 months later:

Exhibit I: Kardashians

September 2011:

November 2012:

Lesson learned kids: if you want to make it in this biz, plagiarize. Often.

[Image via It Books]