Tori Spelling tripped and fell onto a hibachi grill during an Easter outing to Japanese chain Benihana, Entertainment Tonight confirms. The star of True Tori and sufferer of general misfortune is reportedly getting skin grafts this week to repair the damage.

It was almost a perfect family meal for the Spelling-McDermotts, "aside from the Benihana burn," Tori wrote on Instagram. The Daily Mail quotes an alleged eyewitness as saying the actress tripped and fell backward onto the grill as she was getting up to leave the restaurant with Dean and the kids. What???

This isn't the first time Tori Spelling has been burned leaving a Benihana. It's the first place she was spotted by paparazzi without her wedding ring in 2013, less than a week after she learned Dean had cheated on her.

[h/t Daily Mail, Photo: Tori Spelling/Instagram]