A few days ago, a tipster emailed us a link to a post on a lesbian discussion forum about Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne. Lyonne has reportedly been dating Fred Armisen for almost a year (they were most recently pictured together at a gala honoring Steve Martin in June, which you see above). But the post detailed how Armisen is conducting a texting relationship with said poster despite being Lyonne’s boyfriend.

Here is the text of the post. I have redacted Armisen’s phone number, but a woman who dated him a few years back confirmed to me that the number in question is indeed his.

She should ask him to stop texting me. Especially when they are together. 646-xxx-xxxx. He is gross. A liar...to the point he merits the sociopath label he gets. And does not have a big dick (nor a small one). The Gawker post was tacky but all true. That said, he’s a terrific liar. Terrific. Like seriously talented. So maybe not surprising that Natasha, who’s had addiction issues in the past, is buying it all from someone who likes to do the full court press on women. When he’s good he’s a bit like a drug.

This characterization of Armisen as a highly charismatic yet deceptive person—and perhaps even a borderline sociopath—aligns with the various stories in my last post about the comedian. It’s also the same sort of description that was relayed to me by many people who reached out after that post ran.

Fred Armisen seems like a real shithead!

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