Russell Wilson may have tossed up a Hail Mary to become Jesus' favorite quarterback, but Tim Tebow just inked a deal with the devil in an effort to resume his righteous place at the top of the flock.

The Wrap reports that Tebow, who was previously represented by CAA Sports for his on-field deals and William Morris Endeavor for everything else—revenue streams that include personal appearances, endorsements and licensing, TV and film—has now sold his eternal soul to CAA in all areas, despite their inability to do their one job for him in 2013: procure him employment.

Tebow bounced around from the Broncos to the Jets in his first three seasons in the league, before being caught and then quickly released by the Patriots this summer, in a manner not entirely unbefitting of NFL's own Ichthys. All of his deals have been brokered by mega-sports agent Jimmy Sexton, who took Tebow with him when he left SportsTrust Advisors for CAA. The goal of any agency is to help manage a client's perception alongside his or her employment, and though Tebow was split between WME and CAA at the time, it's no stretch to say that CAA completely failed him. His on-field career is likely over, and while it sounds nice to say that CAA will now help him procure endorsements, it sure is hard to sell Subway sandwiches when your own agency couldn't sell you as a third string quarterback willing to take no guaranteed money, just for a chance to play the game.

Luckily, Tebow won't have to pursue a new dream of running a mega-church just yet—he's reported to be looking for college football commentating jobs instead.