Many people are excited about the forthcoming unauthorized biography of Beyoncé, written by prolific writer of unauthorized biographies J. Randy Taraborrelli. But others are probably not excited, including Beyoncé, Jay Z and Jonathan Hay, the ex-Rihanna publicist who concocted the story that Rihanna and Jay Z slept together.

According to Taraborrelli’s book, Beyoncé and Jay Z separated for a year in 2005 in the wake of a rumor that Jay Z had cheated on her with Rihanna. The rumor, alas, was simply that: Taraborrelli writes that the two never actually boned. The speculation was instead started by Hay, who was Rihanna’s publicist at the time, in order to draw attention to her debut single “Pon Di Replay.”

Surely Jonathan Hay has no regrets about nearly breaking up music’s foremost power couple, and everything is cool now, bygones being bygones and all that. Certainly, the public revelation of his role in this rumor will not bite him in the ass in a specifically hilarious way. The Daily News checks in:

“I was blindsided by the news of ‘Becoming Beyoncé’ coming out and it couldn’t come at a worse time for me,” Hay said in a statement. “I’m currently releasing projects with my label Urban Hitchcock through Tidal, a company that is owned by Jay Z and Beyoncé ... Hopefully this news hasn’t ruined that relationship for me.”

Let’s all toast to the guaranteed future success of “Urban Hitchcock.”

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