In the biggest scandal to rock Oliva Pope's nation since we found out you-know-who was the one running you-know-what, and was the one who had ordered the other you-know-who to be held captive you-know-where, The Wrap reported earlier this week that a popular and controversial Scandal blogger was actually an employee of ABC named Courtney Pajor. They backtracked today, releasing a statement from ABC, that the blogger was actually an old roommate of Pajor's.

The original report by TheWrap writer Jethro Nededog ran under the headline "Contentious Scandal Fan Blogger Exposed as ABC Sales Director," and outed Pajor as the author behind, a popular fan site and Twitter account, known for providing both recaps, as well as getting into arguments with people who disagreed with her opinions. They reported to have multiple documents linking Pajor to the account, as well as a source who alleged to have multiple interactions with the blogger, and was quoted as saying "I am 100 percent sure that Scandal411 is Courtney Pajor."

However, this afternoon, Nededog ran a new exclusive: "Shocker! Exposed Scandal Blogger Is Ex-Roommate of ABC Sales Director, Says Network." He reports that an exhaustive investigation by ABC revealed that the blogger wasn't actually Pajor, but in fact, an unnamed ex-roommate of Pajor's. He goes on to quote a statement from ABC, and then discusses FTC guidelines for bloggers. However, other than one sentence buried in the article about TheWrap being the ones to accuse Pajor just two days prior, offers no apology in the apparent backtrack.

I tweeted at both Nededog, and his TheWrap executive editor Joseph Kapsch to find out why they wouldn't offer a better apology for Pajor, who seemed to have been unfairly thrown under the bus, and both posit that they stand by their sources:

Which is a fine story—however Nededog never stands by his previous story or sources in the new article, nor does he offer any skepticism to ABC's statement. The lede itself, "The network’s investigation unravels a deeper mystery behind blogger Scandal411 more like the movie Single White Female," sure makes it seem like TheWrap has moved off of Pajor and onto the mysterious roommate.

So what happens to Pajor now? As ABC told Nededog in the first article, they "take these allegations very seriously," and I'm sure the ensuing witch hunt that commenced didn't make her fear for her job in any way. Was it Pajor? Was it the roommate? Was it actually Mellie, shockingly working in tandem with B613? Your guess is as good as TheWrap's.