George and Amal’s goodness is as wide as it is deep.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney, a famous twosome known to own a pair of rescued cocker spaniels, as far as you can ever really “own” a dog—can you “own” rushing water as it passes along the edge of a stream, over your feet and through your toes; can you “own” something like a cat, or a rare bird?—just adopted another rescue dog: Millie, a four-year-old basset hound.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, the shelter from which the Clooneys adopted Millie, the couple found her while searching Pet Finder for basset hounds, an act completely foreign to me personally.

From SGV Humane:

She is a four-year-old Basset Hound mix with gorgeous looks that would land her on any “Hush Puppies” commercial! Despite those adorable googly eyes, pretty long ears, and shorty legs, Millie was found without a home and hoping for food scraps outside of a local restaurant in San Gabriel earlier this month.

Oh no—Millie. My Millie! SGV Humane offers this photo of Millie in addition to the Clooney family photo:

While many might see this image of a basset hound wearing sunglasses like some sort of wiseguy as a perfect photo of a good boy (girl), Gawker Senior Writer Rich Juzwiak offers this:

why’s it all baggy

puppy skin or is it sick

A harrowing question the Clooneys will have to explore themselves, with their new friend.

These two!

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