Back in 2009, Defamer offered $1,000 for new pictures of Nikki Finke, the then-powerful, much-feared Hollywood blogger who hadn't been photographed in God knows how long. Two years later, The Daily published what it claimed—but what Finke denied—were photographs of the mysterious writer. But now, finally (?) we have our prize: A series of paparazzi-style photos purported to be of Finke walking to her car, posted yesterday to a website with the URL

The website, which is apparently the product of a group calling itself "The Committee For Decency in Journalism," unloaded a handful of images of a blonde woman along with evidence it says proves that the woman in those photos is indeed Finke. Here are some of those pictures (with the website's watermark):

Those were accompanied by property records and Google Maps screenshots of the building the woman is seen leaving, which the group says is owned by Penske Media, the conglomerate that purchased Finke's Deadline Hollywood in 2009. The group also produced side-by-side comparisons of the alleged new photos of Finke with the one known, old photo of her.

The Hollywood Reporter picked up the story early this morning and said that multiple sources confirmed that Finke is the woman in the photos.

But according to two sources who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the condition of anonymity, one of whom has met Finke in person in recent years, the woman in the video is the real Nikki Finke. A call and email to Finke were not immediately returned.

But whoever is behind didn't just want to out Finke, it wanted to humiliate her. Along with its photos and evidence, the group produced a video, which you see above, of the woman it says is Finke leaving her apartment building set to the tune of the pop hit "Mickey" ("Hey, Mickey!"), which mocks Finke for her alleged weight gain.

The justification for viciously mocking Finke, or whoever it is in that video, is laid out by "The Committee For Decency in Journalism" after a 79-point list showing examples of Finke most bilious descriptions of people in Hollywood.

We are tired of you Nikki. Your threats and bullying will stop today. Your greatest weapon has been your reclusiveness, which allows you to attack others without their opportunity to see the real you. You hide behind your computer screen. Dark, elusive, and mysterious. No more Nikki. We have now taken that away from you. For many many months, day and night, we have been watching you and waiting for the right moment to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding you and your appearance. Our hard work and patience has paid off.

Finke, though, has been silent as of late. After leaving Penske in acrimony, she revealed her long-awaited new website this past June. But the site has been silent since August 11—her last post was a banal retelling of the details surrounding Robin Williams' death—and it may stay that way forever. Last week Buzzfeed reported that Finke would be shutting down due to a non-compete clause in her Peske contract, though the New York Times followed that up with its own report that states the site has only been silent because Finke is once again trying to reach a settlement with Penske that would allow her to keep it alive.

Regardless, one figures that Finke will be heard from again, and the bottom of its website, "The Committee For Decency in Journalism" offers Finke a sort of challenge, and you can imagine the actors and agents and executives that Finke has burned reciting it into their mirrors over the years.

Two can play at this game, Nikki. Let's see if you can take it as well as you dish it out.