Dispatches from the Hated will be a recurring feature penned by a person who worked the paparazzi beat for three years. We'll call him American Ex-Pap so they remain anonymous.

1. LAX

2. Arclight Cinema - 6360 W Sunset Blvd

3. Asia de Cuba / Mondrian Hotel - 8440 Sunset Blvd

4. Bazaar / SLS Hotel - 465 S La Cienega Blvd

5. Beacher's Madhouse - 7000 Hollywood Blvd

"Late night crowd. Paps wait at exit."

6. Boa Steakhouse - 9200 Sunset Blvd

"Paps wait by valet, big dinner crowd. Every night someone famous is there."

7. Bootsy Bellows - 9229 W Sunset Blvd

8. Brentwood Country Mart - 225 26th St

"Paps hang in parking lot, big breakfast / lunch crowd."

9. Maha Yoga/ Le Pain Quotiden - 13050 San Vincente Blvd

"Right by Brentwood Country Mart. Tommy Chong has breakfast every morning at Le Pain. Arnold Schwarzenegger is there a lot too."

10. Bristol Farms - 9039 Beverly Blvd

"Paps hang in the parking lot, eat in the store, and shoot tons of celebs shopping — number one supermarket for celebs."

11. Chateau Marmont - 8221 Sunset Blvd

"A tough shot. Paps wait at the exit."

12. Colony - 1744 N Cahuenga Blvd

13. Nobu - 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy

"Paps shoot at Nobu many nights. A-list celebs like George Clooney go there."

14. Equinox Gym- 8590 Sunset Blvd

"Paps wait on the sidewalk. You can see the celebs leave, so then you rush and shoot before they go below to their car. They're in and out all day."

15. Café Med - 8615 Sunset Blvd

"Part of Sunset Plaza, right near Equinox. Paps park in lot behind the cafe to shoot the major lunch crowd. Jason Statham is always there."

16. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - 7000 Hollywood Blvd

"Good for happy hour and for shooting celebs at night during the summer."

17. Joan's On Third - 8350 West 3rd St

"Big breakfast and lunch spot Paps will “FISH” — aka drive around looking for a celeb to hook during lunch."

18. TOAST - 8221 W 3rd St

"Part of the lunch time fishing."

19. Katsuya - 11777 San Vicente Blvd

"Nighttime paps usually cruise by or fish."

20. Koi - 730 N La Cienega Blvd

"Nighttime spot, part of the night fish route."

21. Osteria Mozza - 6602 Melrose Ave

"Tough shot for paps, celebs love this place because of it. Mostly nighttime."

22. Urth Caffé - 8565 Melrose Ave

"Part of lunchtime fishing route, easily shot since it's mostly outdoors and on a corner."

23. The Ivy - 113 N Robertson Blvd

"If you are eating here and famous YOU WANT TO BE SHOT."

24. Ivy At The Shore - 1535 Ocean Ave

"If you love The Ivy food and want less of a chance to be shot, go here. Paps only shoot when tipped by a valet or customer."

25. Newsroom Cafe - 120 N Roberston Blvd

"See: The Ivy."

26. Kitson - 115 S Robertson Blvd

"If you want to clothes shop and be shot by tons of paps, here is the spot, with glass windows allowing paps to shoot you as you shop."

27. Maxfield - 8825 Melrose Ave

"Tougher clothing store to shoot a celeb, but has a huge parking lot. Lohan and Paris go all the time but go in through the back."

28. Kate Summerville Spa - 8428 Melrose Pl

"Speaking of Paris, goes all the time. Massive gang bang."

29. Beverly Hills Nail Design - 423 N Bedford Dr

"Kim Kardashian used to come three times a week to get her nails done. Glass windows make it easy to shoot, plus it's easy to get celebs walking to the parking lot."

30. 416 - 420 N Bedford Dr

"Paps doorstep on street all day because Bedford has the best skin doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons. Can shoot celebs morning to night. Arnie Klein of Michael Jackson fame had an office that was right around corner on Camden where the rest of the doctor's offices are."

31. Dan Tanas - 9071 Santa Monica Blvd

"Old school dinner place, paps always around. Harry Dean Stanton a regular for you Repo Man fans."

32. The Grove - 189 The Grove Dr

"Outdoor shopping mall with movie theater and a farmers market. Paps park themselves by theater or walk The Grove afternoon and night. Especially busy with celebs during holiday season. It's the one spot besides Robertson where you will always catch something."

33. Coldwater Canyon Park - 12601 N Mulholland Dr

"For those creepy shots of celebs and kids playing at the park. Paps set up here, shoot with a long lens. Gwen Stefani goes here a lot. Beckhams used to, but not anymore."

34. Barry’s Boot Camp - 1106 N La Cienga Blvd

"This is where Kim Kardashian will go to lose those pounds. Paps are usually tipped that a celeb is there and wait until the end of the classes."

35. CUT - 9500 Wilshire Blvd

"Beverly Hills dinner spot by Wolfgang Puck. It's a tough shot and employees are tight-lipped so paps must work for shots of Will Smith, Jada, and Tom Cruise. So, yes, it's a big Scientology place."

34. Fred Segal - 8100 Melrose Ave

"Huge spot for younger celebs to shop or eat with an easy shot in the parking lot. Paps doorstep and shoot Nicole Ritchie, Madden brothers coming out."

35. Fred Segal Santa Monica - 500 Broadway

"Much tougher shot for paps, has an Umani Burger there too. One pap named Malibu Joe doorsteps that place all day."

36. Little Dom's - 2128 Hilhurst Ave

"Los Feliz. Hip place to eat, Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst go there. Part of the younger Los Feliz crowd of celebs. Easy shooting in parking lot."

37. Ken Paves Salon - 409 N Robertson Blvd

"Where Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson go. Becomes massive gang bang because of spot on Robertson."

38. 3rd Street Promenade - 3rd St Promenade & Broadway

"Huge outdoor mall and movie theater. Paps will walk around and spot. Busier on weekends."

39. Runyon Canyon - 2001 N Fuller Ave

"Celebs go here to run and walk dogs. Mostly paps shoot at the top or bottom of canyon because they ain't sweating and walking the canyon. Always busy, has great view of LA at top."

40. Any Starbucks

"Celebs love coffee and paps love free bathrooms and internet to send their pictures to their agencies."

TOP IMAGE: Sam Woolley