Because there’s absolutely nothing left in the universe to say about Breaking Bad, everyone is instead talking about how Bryan Cranston got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. He joins the company of such Hollywood superstars as Tom Cruise, Lucille Ball, Ronald Reagan, and Lassie.

So what does it take for a leading man or dog to get one of these coveted stars upon which a European tourist will vomit after an evening at the Roosevelt? TIME sort of answers that question by providing the list of 7 things a star must do to be granted such an honor. In order to qualify a celebrity must:

  1. Produce something iconic .
  2. Once you’ve produced something iconic, you must promise—in an application essay—to attend the unveiling ceremony.
  3. You must also promise to pay the $30,000 “sponsorship fee.”
  4. The selection committee then reads a compelling biography written by your personal manager.
  5. Once you've been officially nominated, you should try to insist that your star isn’t placed in an area where weird stuff happens.
  6. When the star is at last unveiled, you must still be able to draw a huge crowd for the party.
  7. And finally, once your star is placed in the ground, you can stop worrying because no matter how much everyone hates you, a star is forever.

As is clear, this is a rigorous screening process that rewards only the best in the business.

[Image via Getty]