In 1979, The Clash released London Calling, an album thought by many to be one of the greatest of all time. Perhaps they should have called it London Complaining, however—or, more precisely, London Complaining About the Filming of the New James Bond Movie (Loud Helicopters, Etc.).

The new James Bond movie, called Spectre, filmed on the River Thames in London over the weekend. Page Six reports the locals were not happy about it, quoting one who said, “A helicopter started flying from around 8 p.m. till midnight. It was endless back-and-forth, so noisy.”

“So noisy”—give me a break. Have you no respect, London local, for your city’s greatest secret suit man? London’s one and only mystery boy with an appetite for women and a distaste for villains? Yes, you were kept awake by helicopters until midnight, but did you know—did you even think—that perhaps it was necessary for Mr. Bond to keep you awake until midnight—with the helicopters? For the movie?

Page Six’s London local was joined by a London complainer’s chorus on Twitter:

Shocking. Positively shocking.

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