Before its publication by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on Saturday, the Los Angeles Times op-ed department passed on Dylan Farrow's letter alleging sexual abuse by her father Woody Allen.

LA Times op-ed editor Sue Horton told The Wrap, "We got it, we considered it, we ultimately decided not to use it." An inside source also told The Wrap that it was editor-in-chief Davan Maharaj's decision to kill the editorial. However, Horton denied these claims, explaining, "The editor of the paper doesn't have a say in what goes on the op-ed page."

This news comes hours after The New York Times, a paper not obsessed with preserving celebrity and maintaining advertising revenue from major studios, announced that Woody Allen asked for a chance to respond in his own Op-Ed piece. "They asked and we said, 'Yes, send it in,'" said Times editorial page director Andrew Rosenthal. He also claimed that whether or not they would run the piece depends on the "editing process."

But if Allen does submit a response, and if his response makes it through the "editing process," it could appear "within the next few days."

[Image via AP]