In a 1,500 word article, titled "Why Is Hollywood Obsessed with This Pencil," we learn why the Eberhard Blackwing 602 wasn't just any old Numero Dos, it was a cult pencil. Favored by writers like Truman Capote and Vladmir Nabokov, animators, and musical legends Quincy Jones and Stephen Sondheim, the pencil was praised for its creamy writing ability and the fact that, thanks to its rectangular eraser, "it never rolled off the page."

The pencil has actually been discontinued since 1998, so THR is only 15 years late to the party on this one. Though California Cedar Company has since purchased the trademark and is manufacturing a very similar pencil, the Palomino Blackwing 602, its $22/box price tag doesn't hold a candle to the $2000/case of original Blackwings on Ebay. (Conversely, you could just hope to befriend Sondheim; he's known to give away boxes as gifts.)

[Image via Etsy]