X-Men director Bryan Singer strenuously denies that he drugged and raped a 17-year-old in 1998, and claims he has evidence to prove that he wasn't even in Hawaii at the time the assault is said to have been taken place there. But the accusation has opened the floodgates of stories, memories, rumors and gossip—much of which landed in our inboxes over the last two days. Welcome to the Bryan Singer sex party mailbag.

If there was one sentiment that was consistent across the emails we received about Bryan Singer, it was that "everyone" in Hollywood knew exactly what boys Singer hung out with (young, skinny, and white), what he did with them (gave them cocaine, molly and other drugs at raucous house parties), and why (sex).

Our inboxes, certainly, have been filled with—unverified, to be sure!—stories of Singer's parties. If you're not "everyone," here's a window into what all of Los Angeles is talking about:

I went to many of Bryan Singer's parties in 2005 [...] It was common for [Singer] to get me (or anyone else under 21 at the time) alone in Bryan's bedroom, where he'd offer MOUNTAINS of coke. If you didn't take it (I never did) he'd just take of his shirt and try some tacky "I want to get more comfortable" pick-up lines. He used the same lines almost every time. When I turned down an all-expense paid trip (where I'd be sharing a room with producers) to Australia to be on set to watch Superman production, I wasn't invited back.

Bryan has had pair(s) of twins living in his house, is a total bottom unless his partner is drugged up (coke and meth were favorites, though weed was everywhere).

According the tips we've received, Singer's reputation for surrounding himself with just-legal boys dates back to at least the early 2000s, a short time after he directed X Men.

I did security at Chateau Marmont in 2001 - 2002. Every time I saw Singer he had really young looking guys with him but none of them seemed to be with him under duress. The only times I saw him / them was in common areas so nothing too crazy was happening. The most salacious thing I remember is Singer, Kevin Spacey and some other guy holding court over a bunch of young guys in the corner of the big room downstairs. Lots of flirting and booze (and presumably drugs) but no ones clothes came off. Barely legal is good descriptor for the guys he had with him ... it was like a haram of twinks. There were some guys who looked to be in their early 20's but mostly it guys who were 'late-teens' looking.

Singer was also a regular at USC:

He was a regular fixture on the USC film floor in the early 2000s. He would come by and hang out in the dorms (exclusively with Freshman boys) and always behind locked doors.

And was known for his well-attended Halloween parties:

I went to Bryan's two times. Halloween 2004: his house had either just been remodeled or he had recently moved in. By the end of the night the place looked like a wreck - there were at least 200 guests (mostly young men in their 20s). I saw Bryan wandering around his home a few times that evening, but didn't notice anything suspicious about him; my lasting impression: he seemed rather lost or misplaced at his own party and didn't behave like much of a "host" at all. He stuck out of the crowd mainly for being older and less attractive than the attendees.

My second visit was on a rather cold Sunday in 2010 and a bit more interesting. Bryan was at the Abbey, kissing and grabbing a kid that he had met that afternoon. I can only guess the boy's age, but he may very well have been under 18. This kid may have initially wanted to take advantage of Bryan, but by the time Bryan was ready to move proceedings to his house, this boy was so wasted, that me and a friend were exchanging looks and comments about how creepy Bryan's behavior had become. Once we arrived at the house, Bryan and the boy disappeared into the bedroom, never to be heard from again that night.

Another tipster confirms the nature of Singer's Halloween parties:

These allegations are consistent with what I witnessed years ago at the annual Halloween party thrown by Singer's former producers for the first xmen movies (Daugherty and Harris). It is well known among young gay men in Hollywood, who are into or trying to make their way into the movie biz, that certain older men have certain tastes for younger, barely legal boys. It is no secret, if you are a gay man with even the most tertiary of connections to the movie industry gays, that Singer likes them young. That, and be is a pretentious douchebag. He would have made a great Catholic priest if he weren't so busy making shitty movies.

I guarantee there are plenty of folks in the Weho and Hollywood area who can shed greater light on this story, because as I said, it is no secret that Brian Singer is a compete pig. My friends and I always joke that we face an ethical dilemma seeing his movies.

As anyone who has been to his parties can confirm, if you're older than 21 years of age, you're only getting in unless you look younger than 21, or, in the alternative, unless you have some hollyowood connections Singer can exploit.

He is really a vile person.

If you grew up gay in L.A., Singer's reputation was well known.

Born and raised in LA I've had my share of Bryan Singer encounters. I was a total twink growing up and he rolled with a group of guys that were obsessed with young boys. I used to date a fifty something lawyer when I was 18 and he would throw parties at his Hancock Park mansion and Bryan was there often picking up boys. [...] Bryan was NOTORIOUS for chewing up and spitting out boys.

Singer, according to one tipster, had people who would funnel boys to him:

I'll tell you that a lot of what what goes on in these circles goes beyond Bryan himself, namely two other men at this current time that hunt for HW/WeHo's fresh meat, plow them with alcohol and promise them the world, before introducing them to Bryan and taking it from there. Both guys are said to be on his "pay roll" with their rent and expenses covered, boats, cars and jets at their disposal.

If you, too, have stories about Bryan Singer's parties, leave them below, or drop me a line at jordan@gawker.com.

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