In this world, there are leaders, and there are followers. Heroes and villains. Miles Tellers and pregnant ladies. The people who save other people in the ocean, and the people who are drowning. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who’s who, as evidenced by a recent incident involving the actor Miles Teller in Miami.

TMZ reported yesterday that Miles was enjoying a beach day with his girlfriend who we’ll call Keleigh Sperry—because she insists on that, I guess—when he “swooped in and rescued a pregnant woman caught in a potentially deadly riptide.” Per TMZ:

It’s pretty amazing ... Teller and GF Keleigh Sperry’s romantic beach day was interrupted when an extremely pregnant woman began screaming for help just offshore ... without hesitation the two darted into action and tag-teamed a rescue effort that saved the woman’s life.

Once on shore, the two made double sure the woman was alright and then parted ways.

After reading this report, you might reasonably conclude “Miles Teller is a hero and GF Keleigh Sperry is also a hero.” But wait—

Is he? Is she?

Ms. Keleigh posted her own report on Instagram yesterday that details a different set of events.

“She came up to us freaking out,” Keleigh wrote in a caption, “telling us to not freak out but It was a shark. And the scariest moment ever hahah poor lady. :(( pregnant with a toddler on her back.”

Hmm. So the scary thing was a shark, not a riptide. And the pregnant woman warned Miles and Keleigh about the scary thing, not the other way around.

It still seems like Miles helped this woman in some way (?)—certainly helped her to meet Miles Teller, at least, though one could argue that the shark was the hero for orchestrating that moment—so if you want to call him a hero, that is your right.

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