Fair, balanced and unnecessarily maligned cable news network Fox News is constantly at the center of a liberal media maelstrom, determined to undermine the noble work that its doing. In the last two weeks alone, it's weathered allegations of gaslighting other reporters, suffered a brutal outing at the hands of some asshole blogger, and recently come under fire in David Folkenflik's new book Murdoch's World, for having staffers plant hundreds of fake comments on negative and neutral articles about Fox News.

To help Fox News through these tough times, especially the fake commenter scandal, Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report staff writer Rob Dubbin have gallantly come to their aid, via a new Twitter feed, Real Human Praise, designed to share "Legitimate reviews from 100% people, every two minutes." Through a legitimate Twitter bot, Dubbin swaps out portions of Rotten Tomatoes reviews with the names of Fox News anchors and shows, and adds the hashtag #PraiseFox, to help counter the negative onslaught mainstream media has thrown their way. It is nothing short of amazing.

The full sketch can be seen below, and as always, #PraiseFox.

The Colbert Report
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