Terrence Howard has alleged in court documents that he was blackmailed by his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. According to Howard, he recorded Ghent saying that she could “get $2 million right now” for putting his “little dick out there in front of TV.” This exchange raises a number of questions, one of which is the following: Does Terrence Howard actually have a small dick? The answer, evidence shows, appears to be yes.

As at least one commenter noted in my previous post about Terrence Howard’s penis, Howard goes full frontal in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, the 2005 biopic based on the life of rapper 50 Cent. In the film, Howard’s character befriends 50 Cent’s character after a fight breaks out in the prison showers. In that scene, all of the actors, including 50 Cent, are nude, but—for some reason—only Howard’s dick becomes visible to the viewer, and man is it ever visible.

As our own Rich Juzwiak put it, Howard’s dick “appears to be so small that it’s shocking he allowed it to be filmed.”

Here’s a gif for good, uh, measure:

And here, if you’re just very interested in a nude Terrence Howard avoiding a prison shower stabbing, is video of the scene:

[There was a video here]

So, his ex-wife was right. The more pressing question now is how exactly she could have used Howard’s small dick as blackmail when anyone can pull up a stream of a Paramount Pictures-distributed film and see it for themselves. Alas, that’s probably one for the lawyers to answer.

In any event, hope is not all lost for Howard. He may not be hung like a horse, but he does have an ass like one.

[top image by Jim Cooke, body images/video via Rich Juzwiak]