One day it will all be over for Terrence Howard. Life, yes, but more importantly the extremely embarrassing legal battle he’s been waging with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. Recently, according to TMZ, Howard filed legal documents stating that Ghent attempted to blackmail him by threatening to release photos of his small d:

In the docs filed by his attorney Brian Kramer, Terrence says he secretly recorded her saying, “I can make a good $2 million right now ... you want to see your little **** out there in front of TV?”

Terrence says he has her on tape saying she will tell every woman in the world he gave her an STD.

Not all of us can be this hung chihuahua, of course. In Terrence Howard’s case, he’s been accused of domestic abuse so many times that small dick shaming is probably the least the world should provide back.

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