If you were Khloe Kardashian, through some kind of arcane Freaky Friday-ass blessing/curse, your first order of business would be to fly to Chipotle on a private jet with your crafty, beardy new boyfriend. Yes it would. Don’t you lie to me.

Khloe reportedly lived your best life Thursday, after a run-in with her washed-up ex Lamar Odom, currently a free agent on many levels, at a Hollywood SoulCycle. Shaken by the unexpected encounter, Khloe went straight to Houston on a private jet to meet current boyfriend James Harden–who is apparently less infuriating to women than he is to NBA defenders—for burritos.

She wore sunglasses and checked her phone, and reportedly ordered “several chicken bowls, extra guacamole and water.” Exactly what you would have ordered if you were her.

Meanwhile, if she were you, a non-jet-owner, Chloe would have walked to the nearest Chipotle and cried into a single chicken bowl with only one serving of guac. Damn.

[Photos: renizzlexo, itsohsochloe]