A 17-year-old non-celebrity, who those Kylie Jenner’s “camp” claim never to have heard of, is suing Kylie for allegedly threatening her, having her followed, and eventually staging a car accident to injure her, all because Jaden Smith was into this teen and Kylie was jealous. Whoa-kay.

The plaintiff, an unfamous non-adult named Chelsea Clark, claims that the rivalry over Jaden has been going on for three years, and that Kylie called her to say “Leave my boyfriend alone cause you will never be like me,” and “This is war,” according to legal documents viewed by TMZ.

Kylie and Jaden were “best friends” back in 2013, but they haven’t been a rumored couple in quite a while. The two were seen together at the Kimye wedding last May, but Kylie has been conspicuously “hanging out” with Tyga for the past 14 months.

That leaves a pretty narrow window of time when Kylie Jenner could have plausibly been jealous enough over the mystical boy in the white Batman costume to stalk a girl and plot to take her out in a car accident. She’s a big girl, now, dawg, according to sources close to her (Tyga).

A court (TMZ helpfully doesn’t specify which one, and a search of PACER and of Los Angeles County Court turned up nothing) reportedly denied Chelsea Clark’s request for a restraining order against Kylie, and Clark failed to show up to court with her alleged evidence on Monday.

TMZ reports the next hearing in the case is October 9th.

[TMZ, Photo of Kylie and Jaden near the beginning of the alleged conspiracy: Getty Images]