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The video for the ill-fated Britney Spears/Iggy Azalea duet “Pretty Girls” dropped today and oh my god it includes an interlude with dialogue that is almost certainly the best worst thing you will see this year. I can’t imagine anything being better or worse than this going forward until the world ends, in fact.

“Pretty Girls” is ostensibly based on Julien Temple’s 1988 cult-ish movie Earth Girls Are Easy, because it seems to take place in the Valley, there’s a club scene, and an alien touches down to Earth by landing in a pool. That’s pretty much where the similarities end—this isn’t as dead-on a tribute as Azalea’s “Fancy” clip was to Clueless last year. Spears seems to be playing both Geena Davis’s and Julie Brown’s roles, while Azalea temporarily ditches the Austr- and plays up her ali[e]n side, representing the Jeff Goldblum/Damon Wayans/Jim Carrey characters. It’s more a reboot than a remake. Most detrimentally, Angelyne is nowhere to be found.

Oh and hahahahahaha, Azalea co-directed the video! All this time she has been waiting to show the world her multiple talents. This video does manage to hit one of my very favorite sensibilities—intentional humor that manages to be unintentionally funny. Azalea’s attempt at comedy, through no fault of her own, is hilarious.

At least she is present. The same cannot be said for Spears ever anymore (unless she is surrounded by Smurfs). In the song’s first verse, Spears sings, “Don’t you know that it’s always the same? / From Australia ‘round to L.A...” Apparently, Spears had no idea why she was asked to sing those lyrics because she said later in an interview of her duet partner, “I think she’s Australian?” She just sings what they tell her, doesn’t ask questions, and tries her best just to get through it all. Here’s the full extent of Spears’s misery: