The Pursuit of Happiness Will Lead You to Will Smith's Facebook Page

Dayna Evans · 06/03/15 03:15PM

As of this writing, the profile picture on professional actor Will Smith’s Facebook page has one and a half million likes. It is a black and white photograph of the actor’s face obscured partially by a blurred, spread-fingered hand. It is cropped to the incorrect proportions for Facebook, where the professional actor has categorized himself as a Musician/Band. If you are in need of a deep happy sob, go to this page—it am legend.

​Jenny McCarthy Insists Her Son Suffers From Autism

Lacey Donohue · 01/06/14 01:19PM

Jenny McCarthy, vaccination-denier and Queen of Idiot Nation, is pissed you think her son doesn't have autism. In other idiot news, Charlie Sheen might have married a porn star, and Will Smith misses Uncle Phil. All this and more in your Defamer Monday breakdowns.

Anonymous · 07/03/13 08:12PM

Nepotism: Hollywood’s great new equalizer for white women and members of Will Smith’s “African-American clan.”