Why Doesn't This Clip of Kim Cattrall Scatting Have a Billion Views?

Rich Juzwiak · 07/06/15 04:04PM

If I ever become an actor and get famous enough to have my own episode of Inside the Actors Studio, when James Lipton asks me, “If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say at the Pearly Gates?,” my answer will be: “Yomma kippee yabo, said erayfa kabo in da Latin he quoth: You, Jay, soffa saray!!!”

Three White Swans

Allie Jones · 06/11/15 02:40PM

Here is a photo of Taylor Swift and her new “beau,” the DJ Calvin Harris, enjoying a pool day and doing fun-but-ultimately-restricted poses for the camera. Do these two people like having sex (together), or do they LOVE having sex (together)? If you said yes to either, I’m sure this “hot couple” appreciates your faith.

What Body Modifications Do You Regret? 

Allie Jones · 02/23/15 02:58PM

Hard to believe it, but it's true: movie star Cameron Diaz has been married to Joel Madden's brother Benji Madden for almost two months. Time will tell if these two crazy kids are meant to live and love together for the rest of their natural lives, but Benji's confident—he has forever altered his chest with the beautiful scripted name in ink you see above.