Wait—Does Scientology Work?

Kelly Conaboy · 06/05/15 01:40PM

OT VII Tom Cruise performs some of his own stunts when filming Mission: Impossible movies and never lets you hear the end of it. This one, however, sounds impressive: Cruise recently revealed to USA Today that he held his breath for over six minutes while filming an underwater scene for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 69 (I assume).

Tom Cruuuise Was Scaaaaaared 

Kelly Conaboy · 04/22/15 10:35AM

Awww, little baby Tom Cruise? Is widdle baby Tommy Cruise scared? Sweetie widdle bitty baby Cruisey? Widdle scaredy guy, bitty baby boy? Aww, widdle bitty baby boy?

Imagine If Tom Cruise Weighed 300 Pounds

Kelly Conaboy · 02/02/15 11:20AM

OT-VII Tom Cruise is small and lean. But what if Tom Cruise were small and so thick that it's crazy? Tom Cruise reportedly intends to answer that question in preparation for an upcoming role.

HBO Doc: Church of Scientology Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Aleksander Chan · 01/26/15 02:52PM

HBO's adaptation of Lawrence Wright's Church of Scientology exposé Going Clear made its Sundance debut yesterday, reportedly to a floored audience. Beyond explaining the convoluted history of the faith, Alex Gibney's documentary also takes aim at the celebrities caught in the church's quarrelsome whirlwind.

Famous Scientologist Miraculously Escapes Near-Death Bus Attack

Kelly Conaboy · 12/04/14 02:45PM

OT-VII Tom Cruise employed full control over his environment in London recently when he narrowly escaped a double-decker bus collision, dodging the incapacitating bodily injury a Suppressive Person would have sustained.

Breakdowns: The Girls Have Accomplished So Little In Four Years

Beejoli Shah · 12/23/13 02:06PM

HBO has released another trailer for a criminally underrated show that you might not have had a chance to check out yet; Rich Kids who don't know how to read books are now getting their own book; Jon Hamm may not be a child-abandoning, Xenu-eschewing nutbag, but his newest trailer shows that he still ain't no Tom Cruise; Jennifer Lawrence continues her quiet campaign of world domination.

Scientologists vs. Nazis: Read the Leaks from Tom Cruise's Libel Suit

Beejoli Shah · 11/08/13 02:49PM

His perma-smiling eyes might indicate otherwise, but Tom Cruise is not happy about Life & Style and In Touch's allegations in 2012 that he abandoned his daughter in favor of Xenu after Joey Potter—sorry, Katie Holmes—filed for divorce. He filed a lawsuit for libel against parent company Bauer Publishing, but as recent leaked documents reveal, that $50 million payout isn't going to come without a fight.

Tom Cruise Is 51 Today And Totally Normal: A Video Tribute

Anonymous · 07/03/13 02:39PM

To commemorate the 51st birthday of Thetan Master and extraordinary lover Tom Cruise, we've taken on the enormous task of cobbling together videos of Hollywood's strangest alien just being...normal. Sure, it’s easy to find crazy clips from Scientology videos, Matt Lauer interviews, and Oprah’s couch, but what about the real Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, the private guy who loves cooking spaghetti carbonara, flying planes, and fencing? What’s that guy doing tonight? Probably the same thing the rest of us would do on our first birthday after a public and messy divorce: enjoying a quiet normal night in.

If You're In Spain And Tom Cruise Sidles Up To You Wearing a Mask, Run

Anonymous · 06/17/13 11:24AM

To help kick off the relaunch of Defamer, we're going to feature excerpts from some of the best manifestos and tips we've received so far. Some are amusing apocryphal stories from dinner parties; some are insider's insider the front lines of what they'd like to see Defamer skewer in the near future. We still want more — so keep em comin'. First up, a very unsurprising story about Tom Cruise.