500 Days of Kristin, Day 165: Bangs Gang

Allie Jones · 07/09/15 02:42PM

Sixty-four days of Kristin ago, incipient author Kristin Cavallari teased yet another one of her varied, seemingly random projects: Secret Bangs™. “Having fun on set with my #secretbangs,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of her wearing fake bangs. She’s since deleted the photo—for some reason—but the bangs...the bangs live on.

London Theater Critics Tear Dianna Agron Limb from Limb, Then BURN HER

Allie Jones · 05/21/15 09:35AM

Dianna Agron—former Glee star; current Pinterest board; enduringly beautiful woman—starred in the world premiere of McQUEEN at the St. James Theatre in London last night. The play was inspired by the “visionary imagination” of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and Agron’s performance was inspired by a wet piece of notebook paper that suuuuckssss, according to critics.