Caitlyn Jenner Does Her Makeup Like a Kardashian in New E! Series Clip

Allie Jones · 06/03/15 08:15AM

E! officially announced Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming reality show this morning with a one-minute clilp that features Caitlyn applying makeup at her home. “You start learning kind of the pressure women are under all the time about their appearance,” she says as she powders her face before heading “out into the world.”

When Did These KUWTK Scenes Film? Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors

Mariah Smith · 05/26/15 10:35AM

In a conversation on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, eldest sister Kourtney brought up her stepfather Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is transgender and planning to transition. A totally normal topic, given that she ostensibly just learned about this in last week’s episode—except the conversation broadcast on Sunday was actually filmed last November, while Jenner’s announcement to his stepdaughters was filmed two months later, in January.

God Bless This Great Nation: Four More Years of the Kardashians

Allie Jones · 02/26/15 09:05AM

There comes a time in every great democracy for the people to decide its leaders. Yesterday, America's citizens stood arm-in-arm, mouths open to the heavens, and released their cry: Kardashian. Page Six reports that the reality TV family has signed a $100 million deal to be on the air for four more years.

Bruce Jenner to Come Out as Trans in Diane Sawyer Interview: Report

Aleksander Chan · 02/03/15 09:03AM

With speculation at a fever pitch following a series of tabloid stories and photos, BuzzFeed reports that Bruce Jenner intends to come out as transgender in a sit-down with ABC News' Diane Sawyer. In that planned interview, Jenner will also reportedly reveal the details of a new E! docuseries centered around his transition to a woman.