Lauren Conrad Is a Goddamn Liar (Just My Opinion) 

Allie Jones · 01/28/15 04:22PM

Lauren Conrad may seem like a harmless pile of jewel-toned tank tops layered, one on top of the other, into the shape of a great gal who just wants to live her dream of designing bold statement necklaces and reasonably-priced headbands for Kohl's®, but please sit down and calmly listen to what I am about to tell you: She is actually a G.D. liar who can't even be honest about what her favorite metallic hue has always been.

MTV Released an Alternate Ending to The Hills

Anonymous · 08/09/13 02:44PM

When The Hills ended its six-year-run in 2010, pulling the camera back to reveal Kristen's limo slowly pulling away from Brody only to drive in circles around an MTV soundstage, it came as no surprise that the reality show was about as real as Justin Bobby's name.