Cameron Crowe's New Show Sounds Like a Total Disaster 

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/09/15 01:05PM

Major rewrites, a scrapped pilot, and a lead actress presumably fired: What on earth is going on on the set of Cameron Crowe’s new show, Roadies? According to Deadline, nothing good.

How The Interview Performed Against Sony's Leaked Internal Projections

Jordan Sargent · 12/29/14 03:27PM

The ongoing saga of North-Korea comedy The Interview—cancelled, un-cancelled, and finally released onlineseemed to enter its final stages yesterday, when Sony announced that the film had grossed $15 million from online sales and rentals, to go along with $2.85 in box office revenue. This is being hailed as a success that might save film division head Amy Pascal's job. But in looking at Sony's own internal projections for the film, it's hard to reach that same conclusion.

Leaked Emails: Cameron Crowe's New Bradley Cooper Movie Is a Catastrophe

Jordan Sargent · 12/15/14 09:45AM

Sony Pictures Entertainment executives dealing with fallout from the company's historic security breach at least have the studio's 2015 films to look forward to—well, except for Cameron Crowe's still-untitled new movie starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone.

Sony Leak: Nikki Finke Is a "Pathetic, Hateful Person"

Sam Biddle · 12/11/14 04:00PM

Everyone in Hollywood hates Nikki Finke, the legendary and unpredictable gossip blogger who's dedicated a career to making enemies and hurling insults. But for top Sony boss Amy Pascal, the beef is personal: Her husband and Finke were pals—until Finke took it too far.