Is Chevy Chase Okay?

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/15/15 09:30PM

Either something's going on or Chevy Chase is really nailing his impersonation of a man not living his best life.

Did Saturday Night Live Rip Off This Sketch From the Groundlings?

Aleksander Chan · 10/06/14 12:04PM

Members of the Groundlings improv comedy troupe have accused Saturday Night Live—where a number of Groundlings alums have gone on to be cast members and hosts—of stealing a sketch idea that aired during this past Saturday's episode with host Sarah Silverman.

​Jimmy Fallon's Awkward SNL Audition Tape Is Hilarious

Lacey Donohue · 02/17/14 12:18PM

Jimmy Fallon will take over as host of The Tonight Show Monday night, but we should always remember that in 1998, he was just a young 24-year-old trying out for Saturday Night Live and making Lorne Michaels laugh with his Adam Sandler impersonations.

Lacey Donohue · 01/23/14 03:23PM

Saturday Night Live has finally named the new "Weekend Update" co-anchor. Colin Jost, the show's head writer, will join Cecily Strong at the news desk March 1 when Seth Meyers leaves SNL to host Late Night.

​Suddenly SNL Can't Stop Hiring Black Women

Lacey Donohue · 01/08/14 03:07PM

It looks like Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels is finally ready for this whole diversity business, as it was announced Wednesday that two black women will be added to the show's writers' room.

Lacey Donohue · 01/07/14 02:25PM

The power thinkers at The Washington Post's "Reliable Source" blog have a really progressive take on Saturday Night Live's decision to hire Sasheer Zamata: "SNL finally has someone to play Michelle Obama."

Breakdowns: Californication Will Be Canceled After Its Seventh Season

Beejoli Shah · 12/09/13 02:43PM

With Showtime canceling Californication, wherever will we find a show about sex and California now?; Tim Meadows is not happy with Saturday Night Live, but not for the reason you think; Video Game of Thrones is here; and Steve Jobs can help you turn your book into a movie.

SNL Tries To Duck Casting Controversy With Kerry Washington To Host

Beejoli Shah · 10/16/13 10:50AM

SNL quickly releases host announcements to refute lack of diversity claims; Charlie Hunnam seemingly overstepped his boundaries before departing 50 Shades; Alexis Bledel is trying to play half her age in a new movie; and India has a new superhero, thanks to Marvel.

Breakdowns: Madonna Called Someone "Enslaver" During 12 Years A Slave

Beejoli Shah · 10/14/13 11:47AM

Madonna gets banned from a movie theater for poor use of insults; Charlie Hunnam drops out of 50 Shades of Grey because no reason, definitely not cold feet or anything; Bill Murray won't be able to come to your parties for a few weeks—he's got a REAL job to do—and Edward Norton will be trying to save a show that should be taken out back and humanely shot between the eyes.

Miley Cyrus vs. Lindsay Lohan: Who Is This Generation's Baddest Bitch?

Beejoli Shah · 09/11/13 10:43AM

Given that our nation has nothing else majorly important to focus on right now, it's easy to get swept up in Miley mania and wonder where it all went so wrong. But before we chalk this all up to Miley just bein' Miley, it's important to remember that someone showed her the way—America's ginger sweetheart, Lindsay Lohan. So just who is taking the crown for baddest bitch of this millennium?