Anti-Fur Activists Surprise a Beaming Kim Kardashian by Screaming at Her

Dayna Evans · 05/06/15 10:24AM

On Tuesday afternoon, selfie queen and alleged animal murderer Kim Kardashian graced a New York City Barnes & Noble with her esteemed presence, in order to sign copies of her new book of vanities, Selfish. While the line began forming on Monday night, that didn’t stop several animal activists from patiently waiting for hours to speak their truth to the star. Animal NY published video of the incident.

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Awards For Kim Kardashian Selfies

Dayna Evans · 05/01/15 02:55PM

[Note: Some of the photos below are NSFW]: When you are Kim Kardashian, every year—1998, 2012, 40 A.D., the future—is a good year for you. Looking out over the hills of Calabasas or the boulevards of Paris, your kingdoms, both, you can feel proud of all you have wrought. Fame for you has expanded like a waist freed from a waist trainer, and in 2015, your notoriety continues to grow.