Breakdowns: Instagram Is Trying To Get Rich Off Of Darth Vader Selfies

Beejoli Shah · 12/03/13 01:18PM

As if making more Star Wars installments wasn't already enough of an affront to the original trilogy, classic villains are now taking promotional selfies too; the holidays will not be kind to Ryan Reynolds; Roseanne Barr has been offered the chance to do Vivid porn, which proves why no one really needs to pay for porn anymore; and Chris Hemsworth made out with someone pretending to be Natalie Portman in Thor, and no, it wasn't just that cheeky Loki.

Breakdowns: No One Has Puked On Ryan Reynolds

Beejoli Shah · 11/11/13 12:18PM

If you haven't vomited on Ryan Reynolds yet, now is your chance; Angela Lansbury is on the case to change the title of the new Murder, She Wrote remake; Star Wars is looking for you to star in Star Wars VII; Joss Whedon has drawn the ire of feminists, while giving a speech in support of equality and feminism.