Here's How Robert Downey Jr. Is Attempting to Drive You Slowly Insane

Kelly Conaboy · 06/01/15 02:50PM

Have you ever visited Robert Downey Jr. in one of his rental homes while he’s on location for a film and thought, “Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever been here before, but it feels so familiar.” Maybe you thought, “I’m having total ‘déjà vu’ right now, if you’re familiar with the concept.” Well, there’s a simple reason for that.

Robert Downey Jr. Walked Out Of an Extremely Cringey Interview

Jay Hathaway · 04/22/15 04:35PM

After four minutes of questions about Tony Stark and two very tense, very awkward minutes of questions about his “dark periods,” Robert Downey, Jr. stood up and bailed on an interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy. But not before telling Guru-Murthy he’s “kind of a schmuck.”

Terrence Howard Is Really Not Happy With Robert Downey Jr.

Beejoli Shah · 11/15/13 01:04PM

Terrence Howard showed up on the wacky funhouse that exists only in Andy Cohen's mind, and in true Howard fashion, managed to turn what was a playful interview with the lovely Nia Long into a foreshadowing of doom.

Robert Downey Jr. Made $75 Million This Year

Anonymous · 07/16/13 05:32PM

Forbes released their list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors today and it’s even more proof that your life is not going as planned. Using some magical equation that involves talking to agents, producers, and “other people-in-the-know,” the wizards at Forbes are able to estimate the annual earnings of the industry’s biggest stars.