​Here Is the Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script

Lacey Donohue · 01/23/14 04:50PM

An angry and "betrayed" Quentin Tarantino decided to abandon his latest film, The Hateful Eight, after a script leak earlier this week. According to Tarantino, he only gave the script to "six motherfucking people." But one of those motherfuckers gave it to someone who leaked it online.

Gawker Media Greenlights Defamer Reboot; Ankled Exec to Helm

A.J. Daulerio · 06/11/13 02:01PM

Does anyone remember Beejoli Shah? She was the former GENERATE media employee whose toes were once slurped by director Quentin Tarantino after the two met at a party in The Hills a couple of years ago. The reason some of you may know this is because Beejoli sent a graphic play-by-play of the toe-coital encounter in an email to 15 of her closest CC's, including visual evidence of her nuzzling in a photo booth with QT himself, which was haphazardly forwarded and then published on many sites across the internet. The world laughed, Beejoli was fired, the world moved on. (Beejoli is still on Twitter, btw, so Follow Friday, Friendsicles.)