A Brief History of Evil Children in Horror Movies

Rich Juzwiak · 10/30/15 11:52AM

In celebration of Halloween, we took a shallow dive into the horror subgenre of evil-child horror movies. Weird-kid cinema stretches back at least to 1956’s The Bad Seed, and has experienced a resurgence recently via movies like The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy, and Cooties. You could look at this trend as a natural extension of the focus on domesticity seen in horror via the wave of haunted-house movies that 2009’s Paranormal Activity helped usher in. Or maybe we’re just wizening up as a culture and realizing that children are evil and that film is a great way to warn people of this truth.

Five Gay Movies You Should See at NewFest

Rich Juzwiak · 10/22/15 11:58AM

Stonewall was a travesty, and Looking was canceled to many gay men’s dismay, but gay pop culture is thriving in 2015, provided you know where to find it. This year gave us Peter Strickland’s brilliant The Duke of Burgundy. (On the trans side of things many would also use the word “brilliant” to describe Sean Baker’s trans sex-worker comedy Tangerine, though the love people profess for that film boggles my mind.) Uptown, MoMA is currently running Stephen Winter’s exploration of race, sexuality, and exploitation, Jason and Shirley, while downtown at the IFC Center, Sebastián Silva’s gay-not-gay Nasty Baby opens tomorrow.

Victoria Is an Insane 138-Minute Movie Filmed in One Continuous Take

Rich Juzwiak · 10/09/15 12:50PM

One night in Berlin, a young woman from Spain meets a group of local guys while leaving a nightclub. She clicks with one of them, and so she decides to hang out with the group. Instead of being repelled when they attempt to break into a car that isn’t theirs, she’s enticed. They kick off a wild night that involves ominous drug dealers, heist, baby-theft, peril at almost every turn, and more partying. And it’s all captured in one single take.

Oh God the Trailer for the New Creepy Woody Allen Movie Is Here 

Aleksander Chan · 04/29/15 02:01PM

Woody Allen, still standing accused of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter, still making movies with Academy Award nominees. In his next film, Irrational Man, Emma Stone, his latest muse/obsession, plays a college student who falls for her professor (Joaquin Phoenix). Gotta love those relevant power dynamics.

A Conversation About It Follows, 2015's First Must-See Horror Movie

Rich Juzwiak · 03/13/15 09:23AM

David Robert Mitchell's It Follows is like nothing we've seen before, and yet it owes so much to what came before it. A cross-breeding of tropes from the past 40 years of horror cinema, the movie is gorgeously shot, vividly told, and full of teen characters that have an unusual amount of compassion for each other. At its center is Jay (played by The Guest's Maika Monroe) who contracts an STD that makes her see visions of ghosts following her. The only way to avert death is to pass on the bug.

John Carpenter Makes Music, Likes Taylor Swift, Wants To Be King

Rich Juzwiak · 01/30/15 03:45PM

He's best known for dabbling in the macabre, but when I talked to the 67-year-old director/musician John Carpenter by phone earlier this week, he told me he was "just delighted." We were discussing his new (and first) album John Carpenter's Lost Themes and the glowing reception it has received thus far. Carpenter is best known for directing horror movies like Halloween and 1982's The Thing, as well as gritty action fare like Escape from New York, but all the while he's been composing music (in fact, he has scored most of this movies, including all of the aforementioned).

Here Are Your 2015 Oscar Nominees 

Aleksander Chan · 01/15/15 09:10AM

Some surprises in this year's Oscar nominees: The Academy still really loves Clint Eastwood and movies about Americans; Jennifer Aniston may or may not be fine that she was snubbed; curious lack of Selma noms.

Kristen Wiig's Difficult Welcome to Me and More: TIFF Dispatch One

Sara Black McCulloch and Fariha Roísín · 09/10/14 01:26PM

Film writers Fariha Roísín and Sara Black McCulloch are covering the Toronto International Film Festival this year as a series of conversations about the festival and its programming. The first dispatch includes Clouds of Sils Maria, Welcome to Me, Infinitely Polar Bear, and Frailer.

Is On-Screen Text Messaging the Future of Cinema?

Kelly Conaboy · 08/20/14 02:40PM

What's the worst part about the modern day in-theater viewing experience? If you said "the fact that people can't take out their phones and send text messages about whatever they're thinking to be displayed on the screen for everyone to see" and you live in a major city in China, you're in luck!

Josh Hartnett Could Have Played Every Superhero That Ever Was

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/01/14 10:31AM

If his career had gone a little differently, you'd know Josh Hartnett as more than the hot guy in Pearl Harbor. In fact, if he is to be believed, Hartnett could have been in every superhero franchise since the genre's rebirth.

Shailene Woodley Has Cancer, Sex in New Fault in Our Stars Teaser

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/28/14 02:42PM

The new trailer for The Fault in Our Stars is out, and it seems to exist mostly to assure book fans that it's not veering off track. It looks like the cigarette metaphor, the cheesy support-group leader, and Hazel's explanation of love as being like sleep all made the cut.