Which Fantastic Four Cast Member Told Its Director That His Movie Sucks?

Rich Juzwiak · 08/12/15 01:36PM

The latest Fantastic Four flick is an abysmal flop of such proportions that multiple outlets have run what-went-wrong-style pieces in its wake. Today’s comes via The Hollywood Reporter and it is utterly delicious. Kim Masters’s “Fantastic Four Blame Game: Fox, Director Josh Trank Square Off Over On-Set ‘Chaos’” tells the story of a spandex-hungry studio that made a superhero movie “for the wrong reasons” and a relatively inexperienced young director who was in over his head when tasked with crafting a blockbuster and, as a result, behaved like an utter maniac.

The Curious Case of Hero (?) Miles Teller and the Pregnant Woman at Sea

Allie Jones · 05/12/15 09:00AM

In this world, there are leaders, and there are followers. Heroes and villains. Miles Tellers and pregnant ladies. The people who save other people in the ocean, and the people who are drowning. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who’s who, as evidenced by a recent incident involving the actor Miles Teller in Miami.

Miles Teller, For Christ's Sake, Just Ask Margot Robbie Out

Dayna Evans · 02/22/15 09:55PM

Miles Teller, a drummer, and Margot Robbie, a babe, presented the award for best Sound Editing in a feature film. Miles Teller needs to distance himself from major nerd status, so why not ask this lady out? You see the incredibly sexual tension between these two?