Matt Damon Accepts Admission to the Chillers Only Club

Dayna Evans · 07/02/15 01:20PM

Matt Damon, former Boston nobody how do you like them apples, has largely shed his Northeastern demeanor for something of a regular guy kind of vibe; it is a look that he wears well. But newsflash, hombre: on Thursday in Beijing, Damon debuted his highly anticipated phase three: Relaxy Dad.

Beejoli Shah · 08/28/13 11:02AM

Matt Damon's logic for why Ben Affleck will be a great Batman? "He's not playing King Lear! This is Batman. Certainly within his skill set." Nothing like a backhanded compliment from your bestie.

Fact or FUCKED UP? Matt Damon Mud Wrestles Tiny Gigolos

Anonymous · 07/11/13 05:24PM

Hollywood rumors are as outrageous as they are complicated. Let’s get real: how on earth could you coax a gerbil into a butthole? And how could Jamie Lee Curtis hide her tiny penis from wardrobe all these years? Not to mention Paul from The Wonder Years. How could he be sucking his own dick and playing in a band when he’s clearly working right here? Speaking of dick sucking, if it’s impossible to drink a gallon of milk, how could someone ever drink a gallon of semen?