Jason Biggs Fucked a Pie and Then Got This Sweet-Ass House

Jordan Sargent · 07/08/15 03:10PM

What do you think fucking a pie can get you? A lasting career in the illustrious film industry? Not quite. The lifelong respect of your peers? I’ve got news for you, buckaroo. The eternal adoration of your family? *That thing where Larry David makes this face* Well, how does a pristine home at the foot of the Beverly Hills sound?

Justin Bieber Is Paying $59,000 a Month For Some Wack Horn-Shaped Pool

Jordan Sargent · 12/06/14 01:02PM

Justin Bieber has a new pool and it's shaped like a horn? Or like an exclamation point as designed by Romero Britto? Or a pen as imagined by the set designer on Prometheus? Anyway, this pool is costing Justin Bieber basically your entire year's salary (if you're lucky) per month, and not to pile on the kid here, but damn is this pool wack.

Would You Pay $85 Million For This Pool? Beyoncé and Jay Z Might.

Jordan Sargent · 10/31/14 12:15PM

Beyoncé and Jay Z are collectively worth something like $1 billion. Maybe. Beyoncé said it herself so it must be true. The point is that they can basically buy anything in the world. Nonetheless, spending $85 million on a single pool is a serious purchase for even the richest elevator fight club. Beyoncé and Jay Z might do such a thing, but here's the real question: would you?

Let's Crack Open the "TMZ Vault"

Jordan Sargent · 07/28/14 03:02PM

Buzzfeed's story about the history of TMZ quickly gets to the foundation of TMZ's power: It's often not what the gossip site does publish, but what it doesn't. Early on in the article, writer Anne Helen Petersen makes mention of the "TMZ Vault," the affectionate name for Harvey Levin's trove of scandalous, unpublished, and presumably leveraged material. But why should its contents stay secret?

Lacey Donohue · 01/16/14 04:12PM

[Wednesday night's Eagles concert marked the reopening of the L.A. Forum. The renovation cost over $100 million and included adding the world's largest vinyl record, a recreation of the Eagles' Hotel California, to the roof. The new owners hope the Forum will become the "nation's largest indoor facility designed with music as its top priority."]