Gawker Buys $100,000 Email Chain From Judd Apatow

Beejoli Shah · 01/07/14 06:38PM

For mere mortals, moving is already a pain in the ass. For Hollywood producers? You also have to contend with Judd Apatow blowing up your spot to Gawker, just because your assistant forgot to use BCC on an email.

Which Hollywood Agency Had The Best Halloween?

Beejoli Shah · 10/31/13 05:33PM

In the one-sided battle for agency superiority, Hollywood's best agencies made Halloween their bloody battleground yesterday. So whose Halloween-themed hallowed halls were the most frighteningly fantastic?

Hollywood Agencies Help Beleaguered Rich Children Celebrate Halloween

Beejoli Shah · 10/30/13 02:17PM

It's hard being the child of a Hollywood dealmaker—on one hand you get to have all those cool celebrities pop in at your bat mitzvahs, but on the other, Ari Emanuel just made daddy get rid of his second assistant, so now who's going to make your scale model of the solar system for the Harvard-Westlake science fair? Luckily, the top talent agencies have all united in their quest to make the lives of poor little rich kids significantly more enriching, if only for this spookiest of days.

Please Share Your Emails With Hollywood's Biggest & Smallest Dickheads

Beejoli Shah · 09/25/13 01:00PM

What do you get when you combine laziness, stupidity, near-permanent digital memory, and a suffocating, overwrought sense of entitlement? Thousands of horrible, unforgettable emails filling up Gmail archives across Hollywood. (Just ask Harris Wittels. Or me.)

It's Because You're A Cunt, Harris

A.J. Daulerio · 08/20/13 01:16PM

Writers, by nature, are passive-aggressive, easily agitated creatures prone to taking their work too seriously. Those with the "thickest skin" (or "hide" if you're more literary-minded) have developed this imaginary armor usually through repeated bouts of public criticism and have learned to compartmentalize some of their glaring shortcomings by either a) correcting them or b) ignoring them. Both are successful tracks, usually, and those with the most impenetrable outer layers tend to develop immunity and go about their business accordingly, blissfully aware of their station in life.

How to Get Kicked Out of Chateau Marmont Without Drugs: A Liveblog

A.J. Daulerio · 06/28/13 11:07AM

This hotel, nestled away on a steep hill in West Hollywood, is known for the excess of both its ghosts and living guests. But did you know how exceptional the staff is here? Truly. They are doting and accommodating throughout all stations, effortlessly pleasant to all ye who enter here, celebrity or poseur; wealthy European tourist or lifelong Angelenos.